Charitable donations have become as easy as a few clicks on your smartphone. With the amount of options available today, there are plenty of ways to fit philanthropy into your daily routine.  The apps listed here give the convenience and ease of donating that previous generations never had. So, it’s time to open your heart and smartphone to these charitable mobile apps.


Charity Miles

Going for a run, walk, or a bike ride today? You’re halfway to donating with Charity Miles. This free app allows you to pick a charity, start your route, and accumulate corporate-sponsored donations based upon the distance you’ve gone. You don’t have to spend a cent and this app fits right into your daily routine.


One Today

This giving app from Google introduces non-profit organizations daily. Simply choose the cause you connect with and donate $1 in the app. Instead of scrolling through your Facebook feed in the morning, try scrolling through One Today- for $1 and one minute of your time, you and others who choose to donate can can together make a difference.



This app is constantly topping lists as one of the best charitable apps out there. Instead offers a social consciousness aspect by showing you the impact of your donation. Instead of getting a coffee in the morning, you can just donate those few dollars to provide clean water for a year to a child in need. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


I Can Go Without

Like Instead, this app also brings a social consciousness aspect to its donations. By making a decision to reduce your daily consumption or “unnecessary” spending, you can funnel that pledge into a donation with the apps donation center. With I Can Go Without, you can make changes to your daily life that will positively impact others.


Check-in For Good

If you were going to “check-in” to a location on FourSquare, Facebook, or really any social profile these days, do it with Check-in For Good. This app works with business to donate money every time someone checks into their establishment with the app. Fill your social feed and do good.


Donate a Photo

With a camera on almost every smartphone, there are likely a ton of unused photos going to waste in your data. Johnson & Johnson partnered with Donate a Photo a few years back to create this simple philanthropic effort. The concept is easy: for every photo you share through Donate a Photo, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to a good cause.



This app is for all of the foodies out there who love posting pictures of their meals on social platforms, Feedie makes those photos count. Working with Feedie, restaurants connect donations with praise on social media. For each photo shared via Feedie, participating restaurants will make a donation to The Lunchbox Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides meals to schoolchildren in South Africa.


These are only a few of the many apps available to anyone looking to make a difference within their existing daily routines. By making donating simple and fast, charitable apps are an important fundraising tool. Make a difference by downloading one and putting it to good use.  Know of other good charitable apps? Email me or tweet at @bryan_schaaf.