Philanthropy is an important aspect of our culture.  Most Americans donate to charity each year and the wealthiest are expected to  give back to society.  Each year, Americans alone donate to a wide range of non-profit organisations for domestic and international causes.  Giving USA estimates that individual giving reached a record high of $390.5 billion in 2016.  This figure does not include the substantial efforts of foundations or the government.  


If you’re looking to keep your giving spirit going all year round, there’s quite a bit of reading material out there to help you learn how to have the most impact in your own community, throughout the country, and around the world.  In addition, there are many good podcasts which give advice about important causes, the non-profits who work on them, and how best to support them.  I am still going through them all but wanted to share three that are particularly interesting.


Rotary Club Radio

If you are a Rotarian, or if you care about the work that Rotary does in health, education, peace-building, and other areas, then this podcast is a helpful and informative resource! Not only does Rotary Club Radio give relevant information about how rotarians serve the country, this podcast offers a great glimpse into how we all can do more to help each other through the power of partnerships. From affordable healthcare to polio eradication this is a podcast that will motivate you to get involved in your community and more broadly.


Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs

This podcast is aptly named, as inspiring stories are shared often on the podcast in the hopes of getting others excited about helping in their communities. With topics such as “Positive Social Change Through Human Relationships” and “Measuring and Evaluating Health Interventions,” the subject matter might seem heavy, but the discussion makes it feel as if you’re having a conversation with a friend. Podcasts like these are important to showcase efforts of young entrepreneurs and, of course, encourage more people to promote charitable causes.


NonProfits Are Messy: The Podcast

People may think doing good is easy, and maybe sometimes it is,  but when you’re running an entire nonprofit organisation to help your community, things can become difficult and fast. This podcast has classic troubleshooting topics that every new nonprofit employee or volunteer should know about. This specific podcast has 42 episodes, each focusing on a topic and how to work through it.


Still want to learn more? Stay tuned for more and take a look at past posts.  If you have a topic you would like me to write about, please let me know as well.